Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 26, 2022

Woah, What Woe!: How Jesus’s Warnings Save

Matthew 23 1. You can often hear the truth from an unworthy vessel. They do talk to talk; so listen! But they don’t walk the walk; so beware! 2. Do not… . . . preach without practicing. . . . prescribe without participating. . . . do the practice for your own praise! . . . make two classes among the people of God. 3. Without Christ, we all are under woe. 4. You are a crash dummy . . . a. if you block the door for others and, surprisingly, yourself! b. if you work hard to make converts to your crookedness. c. if you use your ability to think to make you stupid. d. if you are proud of your careful accounts in the easy parts but you pay no heed to the more significant commands of God. e. if you care only for outside looks. f. if you use memorials and monuments as your own personal compliments! The existence of the warning shows the presence of that one hope: Jesus.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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