From My Heart, I write convinced that I stand at a time of great decision in my Christian pilgrimage. I’m also convinced, that at such a time as this, I need the wisdom of God to be found faithful to His call in my life. My being confident of these two things results in a third area of my life that I’m confident about, and it’s this, I stand in need of your prayers. “Will you please pray for me?” As you’re well aware of through the pulpit and teaching ministry of Bat Cave Baptist Church, God’s children must always focus their attention on the sovereign authority of God to do in and through His own what He designs to do. Jesus said in Luke 6:46, “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” There is no greater responsibility and joy in a Christian’s life than to hear and to heed the voice of God. Yet, with this being true, I must reiterate that there’s no greater disappointment and sadness in a Christian’s life than to hear God’s voice and refuse to heed it, or perhaps, discovering later in your life that you were subtly and deceptively led to disobey it. No child of God would want to be found in such a place spiritually-would they? Yes, I stand in need of your prayers.

NorthernCardinalLet me share with you an illustration that God’s Spirit is using that compels me to ask you for prayer. For the past 5 months or so, there’s been a beautiful, red cardinal outside of my office window doing his best to run off another beautiful, red cardinal that he deems as a threat to his nesting place in a bush nearby. Even as I type this article, this bird is flying into my office window attempting to fulfill his desire to run off the “intruder”- (of course, to no avail). The bird has no idea that the “intruder” he’s attacking is simply a reflection of himself. Kind of humorous, isn’t it? However, it got me to thinking… You see, what the bird is seeing is exactly his problem. If he were only to look in another direction, he’d quit attacking himself. But, he can’t. He’s consumed with the reflection. Nothing’s going to help him until his eyes are focused on something other than the reflection. What the cardinal needs is to quit looking at himself and start looking in another direction.

In certain ways, my thoughts and actions these recent months as pastor of the Bat Cave Baptist Church somewhat mirrors the activity of the cardinal. For quite some time, I too, have been “attacking” a reflection of myself. I’m not at liberty to share with you what God is up to in my life because, to be quite honest, I’m not sure myself. I will tell you, however, that He’s been speaking to me. He’s been speaking in a whisper to me and sometimes I’m hard of hearing. I want to be sure that I’m hearing what He’s saying, and that’s why I ask of you, “Will you please pray for me?” I thank you in advance.

In His Service,
Pastor David