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Listen to our Sunday Morning Worship as we study through the            Scriptures expositionally.
On Sunday evenings, we continue the discussion from our Sunday morning services.
Join us on Wednesday nights as we pray with and for one another and study the text of Scripture.

A Study in the Letter to the Romans – “from faith and for faith” in the Righteousness from Heaven

 It’s amazing how many thought and misconceptions can come into our hearts and minds when it comes to giving to the local church. Over the next few weeks Pastor Zack will dive into this amazing topic in an effort to teach us how we can be “Cheerful Givers.”

As we continue through the book of Acts, we enter the life of Paul as he enters “The Unknown” through faith.

On Sunday Evenings we dive into what the Bible teaches, and why we believe it’s words to be true.

On Sunday Evenings we dive into what the Bible teaches, and why we believe it’s words to be true.

Preacher Zack is sharing with us a blessing of walking through and looking at chapter 3 verse 16 of each book of the New Testament.

Pastor Zack walks us through the bible as he shows that while each Gospel presentation will be different, they will always have 5 essential truths that must be proclaimed.

This December, as Christmas approaches, Pastor Zack is taking us on an amazing journey through the book of Hebrews pointing out the Messiah Jesus Christ.

After our Sermon Series through Titus about the Building Blocks of the Church, Pastor Zack digs into the book of Acts to see how a properly functioning Church should look.

Pastor Zack Williams takes us through the life of our Savior pointing out the many miracles that He performed showing the love and power of the Creator God

Pastor Zack takes us through a mini series of Heaven and Hell, and where we will spend eternity after this life. Are you ready?

Pastor Zack is starting a new series on Sunday nights through the book of Jonah. Follow along as we dig into God’s Word

This year’s Sun Rise Service was absolutely incredible.

Starting Sunday Night, April 15th, pastor Zack walks us through the vision and heart of Bat Cave Baptist Church.

Preacher Zack Williams walks us through the book of Titus in his new series Building Blocks.

Go with us as we study the rise, the fall, and the abounding grace of God in the life of King David.
Pastor Zack’s first sermon series is “Church Talk.” Through this series, we will discuss certain aspects of the church that every believer needs to hear and understand. Listen along with us.
Dr. Zack Williams leads our mini revival services for 2017.
Listen along as Pastor Jim Hyler teaches through the book of James.
Dr. Scott Thompson walks through the book of Galatians.
Listen along as we walk through a general survey of Church History.
Listen along as Dr. Scott Thompson walks through the Old Testament book of Haggai.
Listen along as we study through the Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5-7 – on Sunday Mornings.
Follow along as our former pastor, David MacEachern walks through the book of Proverbs.
These days require Godly men and women to stand in this culture and proclaim the Gospel boldly.