Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 7, 2020

Will You Overcome the World?

1 John 5:1-5 1. Beware of withholding a birth certificate. 2. The signs of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are a gift. 3. God’s children love him. Your love for other believers should be as obvious and persistent as your love for God. But how do I know if I am loving those other believers? 4. Horizontally, you owe others a vertically–oriented life. Love develops in various and beautiful ways towards the church, when it first reaches out towards and obeys God. John 14:15, 15:10 5. Christ’s commands set you free! Oh, how many things promise freedom and give burdens! Any false religion, any other mode of worshiping will burden us further and further. “Our hearts are restless until they find the rest in thee.” - Augustine John’s Comfort Cluster- A. God rescued you. God brought you out of the world by bringing you into it again. B. God made you an Overcomer (comfort). C. You overcome the world with faith (challenge). D. Every act in belief will be “comprehended” or swallowed by the world, except for Christ and faith in him.

From Series: "Joy in Fellowship"

As Pastor Nathan begins his first sermon series at Bat Cave Baptist, he walks us through the book of 1 John with an emphasis on love and on fellowship.

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