Pastor Nathan Sundt - January 23, 2022

Who Do You Think You Are? Jesus’s Identity and Yours

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 16:13-20 1. If you look at everything with “expert eyes,” you cannot avoid puffing yourself up. You are the right person to answer the question not because of your expertise but because you are the one who must answer for your soul. Daniel 7:13-14; Heb. 2:17; 4:13-14 John 1:12-13, 18 2. The favor of heaven pours through the funnel of knowing Christ. 3. Confessing Jesus is the key to heaven’s highest blessing. 4a. Jesus builds the church. 4b. Jesus is the one who frustrates permanently the plans and purposes of hell. -Where you find the true confession of the Lord Jesus Christ, you find the church. What are the keys to the kingdom of heaven? a. The keys are not a sword. b. The keys are not coins. c. The keys bind and loose us to God’s caravan of covenant people. 4. The kingdoms doors open differently than anything else on the earth: through these keys. ἐκκλησία, ekklesia = 5. The timing of our telling points to news of salvation accomplished, not salvation possible.

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