Pastor Nathan Sundt - September 6, 2020

What Murder Does to the Body, Anger Does to the Soul

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 5:21-26 The Sermon on the Mount as the New Mount Sinai 1. You can’t understand what Jesus gives to the world until you understand what he demands from the world. Only after the authority and grandeur of the judge can you comprehend the humility and love of the sacrifice. 2. To enter the kingdom of heaven, take sin seriously. -Anger is a God-given response to injustice. Especially when words must be hard, we aim for them not to be harsh. Like in the parable of the good Samaritan, where a man was left for dead, when we are cut open and left for dead by these words, Jesus stops, bends over, and binds our wounds. 3. Our anger shows why we sinners need both comforting and saving from sin. Do you domesticate the word of God? 4. Addressing anger is urgent to get a relationship with God and others on the right footing. Hos. 6:6; Is. 1:11; Mic. 6:8; 1 Pt. 3:7. 5. Reconciliation is offered to you today through the Lord Jesus Christ, vertically and horizontally. A. We must go and reach out horizontally. Rom. 12:18-19 B. If you have been rejected this way by a man or woman, you’ve not been rejected by God. 6. If you buy in the currency of the world, you will pay in full. Hands lifted in prayer and open to God are finally, finally empty.

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