Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 20, 2021

What Lord Lifts People?

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 12:1-8 The disciples are properly taking advantage of and sustaining themselves on the just mercy of God through the covenant community of Israel. 1. When you aim to keep God’s commands, don’t forget the command to mercy. The disciples see themselves as participating in the mercy of the law; the Pharisees see the disciples as breaking the Sabbath by participating in a harvest. 2. You can take something so seriously that you make it something it’s not. -What is it that you are tempted to take as seriously as salvation? -When we lift the law to top priority, what we see in daily life changes. A. The wrong priorities can make you a bad reader. B. The wrong priorities can make you contradict God. C. No matter what is that the center, Jesus is greater. Legalism: Antinomianism: D. Offering sacrifices is about making meaning, but if you make the wrong meaning by doing the sacrifices, then they are useless. If your heart is captive to a false gospel, you won’t be able to understand the mercy of the one whose burden is light. 3. Do not condemn the guiltless. 4. Show mercy. The merciful church is not “the confused church.” What Lord lifts you up?

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