Pastor Nathan Sundt - May 8, 2022

What a Mother Most Wants for Her Children

Matthew 20:17-28 The details clarify the central importance of Jesus’s prediction. A. Jesus pulls the 12 disciples aside. B. This prediction is clarified by the coming passion. C. It will take place in the city of David, the kingly city. D: Jesus will have every human appearance of failure. E. Jesus’ undeserved death is a victory. 1. Jesus makes a life for us that can be lived only through death. 2. Jesus’s predictions help us greet his plans when they arrive and trust him for it. When a mother seeks first for her children that they become like Christ—a savior who suffer—she looks, as a mother, far different than her peers. The kingdom of Christ must change the plans and desires we have for our lives and others. 3. If we imitate Christ, we expect a cross. We should see our status in light of Christ’s enthronement. 4. We go down before we go up. 5. In the kingdom of Christ lowly service brings exalted status. -Servanthood is an exalted status among you because your Lord became a servant for you. -Your Lord became a servant for you because you were sold under slavery, and he ransomed you with his life.

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