Pastor Nathan Sundt - January 8, 2023

Universal Words from the Unique King

Proverbs 1:1-7 A. What are Proverbs? Short saying of practical truth B. Why Solomon? Wisest who lived (1 Kings 4:29-32) C. Why the Son of David? The Promised Just Ruler The Biblical Wisdom Literature -Broken by sin, life can be meaningless (Job). -Well-lived life takes account of romantic love in its time—which points to the marriage at the end of God’s story (Song of Songs). -Because of sin’s evil and irregularities, life can make no sense, be disordered, and dishonor God (Ecclesiastes). -Because of the regular nature God made, experience can make sense, order life, and honor God (Proverbs). 1. Sturdy character, sound thinking start with a long look at God. “The Simple” (peti): youthfully ignorant, naïve, inexperienced “Fear”: the ultimate respect that quickly moves your deepest emotions 2. Our universal knowledge of God shows our guilt against the backdrop of our greatness (Romans 1:18-23). -“They did not honor him as God or give thanks. . .” (1:21) -The law “speaks” “so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God.” (3:19) -“The righteousness of God has been shown apart from law” “through faith in Jesus Christ . . .” (3:21-22) We suppress truth; the laws holds accountable; the King rescues; the Great Teacher restores. 3. Christ is wisdom; Christ wins and gives the rewards and benefits of wisdom; Christ calls us toward the greater health of wisdom.

From Series: "Proverbs"

A Study in the Proverbs-for wisdom in practical living and love of Christ, the "Wisdom of God" 1 Cor. 1:24

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