Pastor Nathan Sundt - October 24, 2021

“Touch the Fringe from the Fringes”

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 14:34-15:9 1. Jesus is the one particular solution for the universal problem of sin. 2. “Fringe people” are not “barely” saved. Jesus’s physical healing and physical feeding to point to the permanent spiritual healing that we need here now. 1Pet. 1:3-5 3. The power of Jesus does not depend on your position or your grip on him. 4. Jesus will enter into the center of the universe from outside the center of power. Col. 1:15-20 Because Jesus’ worldwide power is a power not of the world, it looks totally different. (John 18:36) Be unafraid of worldly traditions. 5. Make the word of God your tradition. We should be able to unpack the wisdom that is packed into the suitcase of tradition. 6. Hate the hypocrisy for which Christ gave his life. Hope for hypocrites comes from an innocent substitute.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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