Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 1, 2020

To Know Him is To Obey Him, To Obey Him is To Know Him

1 John 2:3-6 1. Assurance and obedience work together. The Christian must have faith and may have assurance. a. The gift of our salvation is assured. b. The feeling of certainty for salvation is assurance. 2. The joy of obedience produces the feeling of assurance. a. How can anyone keep the commandments of Christ? Rom. 3:20; Gal. 3:11 The “natural man” does not accept the things of God . . (1 Cor. 2:14), but John is not talking any more here about a natural man. He is talking about that man or woman who has been supernaturally born again. b. A new creation can keep Christ’s commands. Notice John’s “math”: know Christ = keep Christ’s commandments = truth in you = God’s love made complete c. Appreciate works for what they are. 3. The liar does not have the benefits of knowing God, sharing in his perfect love, and living in the truth. 4. The love of God is fully mature when it crowns the life of truth and obedience. Bat Cave Baptist Church must stand on the legs of truth and obedience to hold out hands of love in Jesus’ name. 5. Look to your loving example.

From Series: "Joy in Fellowship"

As Pastor Nathan begins his first sermon series at Bat Cave Baptist, he walks us through the book of 1 John with an emphasis on love and on fellowship.

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