Pastor Nathan Sundt - April 24, 2022

Through the Eye of a Child: How to Be Small Enough for God

Matthew 19:13-26 Don’t let the existence of adult abilities or any business savvy make you think that’s how to get to the kingdom of heaven. 1. Children can and should be saved. 2. Come to Christ as a child in heart, including and especially in your adult years. 3. Jesus will give you individual and undivided attention. “We needed you to let us love you.” -Though independence has all of its wonderful purposes for life and work in God‘s good world, it has no place in gaining entrance to the kingdom of heaven. 4. Become less aware of yourself and more focused on the face of Christ. A. The prideful perform a cost-benefit analysis. B. Jesus initially seeks to expand and correct the man’s understanding of the word good. C. The Law can break brittle hearts. D. God’s standard of goodness requires perfection. 5. To enter the kingdom of heaven, you cannot be dividing your attention off from God. 6. If you claim you’re in charge of anything, you’re not in the kingdom. 7. Salvation is an impossibility that God has done.

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