Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 19, 2023

The Meaning of the Mundane

Proverbs 3:13-35 1. Believe in Wisdom’s blessing. Reinforce the evidence that you are in an objectively blessed state. In other words, believe. Objective: Subjective Verses 13 through 18 intend, from every possible angle, to convince us that wisdom will reward us. Think about it: the whole point of reminding ourselves that we are objectively blessed is because we commonly (and normally!) will subjectively feel as if this is not the case. -Phil. 4:12 (the mystery of life) 2. In life’s confusion, start at the beginning, with the Creator. Verses 21 –26: Wisdom will make you a man or woman of confidence and competence. Verses 27-31: Wisdom will make you a person of compassion. vv. 25-27: “Instead of letting a power trip grab your attention, let the practical needs of others do it!” 3. In life’s confusion, consider the end of all things in Christ. - “Blessed is the Adam . . .” - The Tree of Life 4. Do not fear the ability of the devious schemer to plan a plot or spin a tale. Respect only the Lord’s ultimate justice. Patient, purposeful predictions about the Lord’s judgment warn the foolish, strengthen the weary, and show that Christ is the only way.

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