Pastor Nathan Sundt - October 25, 2020

“The Light of the Master and the End of Anxiety”

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 6:22-34 1) Guard your heart: guard your eyes In the light you, as a whole, can function properly 2) For the one who deserves ultimate allegiance, less than true love is hate. 2b. You cannot serve two masters! Money is a temptation for a very good reason- because it can accomplish many and various purposes! - Because it is a great tool, money is good at disguising itself as a master. - The presence of the master points the servant to its real purpose. 3) Keep money close to the master. 4) What we must think about most easily becomes a wrong worry. So, when the needs seem to be in doubt, remember that they serve your life which God gave you and He is committed to guard! a. First, think about God as the guardian of your life itself b. Second, think about the signs in nature that show His loving care. c. Third, remind yourself of how much greater is your value to Him than anything else. d. Last, we remember how life’s needs tempt us to build kingdoms to protect them. 5) You are not big enough for your anxieties; God is. The person in this way is loading the burdens of the whole calendar on shoulder that were not meant to bear them. 6) God made each one of us to plan, but He made the world to run on His one good plan.

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