Pastor Nathan Sundt - December 10, 2023

“The Book of Remembrance”: How God Will Gather Treasures

Malachi 3:6-18 1. If our actions incited God, our hope would have run out. Immutability: God is unchanging in his nature and purposes -Nature -Covenant 2. If you repent, God will receive! 3. If you resist, God will correct. What has happened to Israel and the Old Covenant? They are under a curse (v. 9) They have disobeyed sacrificial commands (vv. 8-9) They are speaking as if they are law-givers (vv. 13-15) Notice the fundamental difference in this kind of “testing” God. Deut. 6:16; Is. 7:12; Matthew 4:7 It is better to “test” if God will receive lost rebels than press further away. When God acts, his people will be found together. 4. Cultivate Christ in Common Until He Comes Again What is the “Book of Remembrance”? The book is in (1) God’s presence, (2) contains those who “fear the Lord and esteem his name,” those who (3) are treasures to be gathered, and (4) whose identities will be revealed on the day when God acts. Application: What do sacrifices reveal about your heart? What do words reveal about your heart? Are you esteeming the Lord by looking only to Christ? Are you now in a posture of remembering and waiting?

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