Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 5, 2023

The Adulteress, The Wife, and Christ

Proverbs 5 1. Your mind will dismantle discernment and your mouth will come up with foolish excuses if you do not listen to wisdom. 2. You will imitate the object of your attraction. Outside of God's creation and covenant, such attractions hide deadly consequences, while inside such attractions flower and bloom! A. Do not trust your self with proximity (vv 7–8). B. Do not think the consequences to be light (vv 9-10). C. Do not blame another person (vv 11–14). 3. Rejoice in the act of marriage! -Female sexuality and male sexuality can be wasted by “scattering,” so to enjoy fully means to enjoy exclusively. -Verse 18 blesses intimacy in marriage and connects it with the robust health and happiness of youth. We should be the people who love sexual intimacy too much to use it any other way than God intended. 4. If bad consequences do not bring the sins into the light (and they often do, vv 22–23), then God’s all-seeing eye will do so. If you understand the seriousness of the fact that all your ways are before God’s eyes, you will get wisdom, which will benefit you with safety, flourishing, and joy. Two biblical points, equally true and essentially in this order: 1. The welcome of Christ to all sinners, including all sexual sinners. 2. The wisdom of Christ for all his born-again children, including for our sexuality and marriages.

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