Pastor Nathan Sundt - September 25, 2022

Staying Aligned, Staying Attached: How Prayer Prepares Jesus and His Disciples.

Matthew 26:36-46 A. Jesus intends meaning from this moment. 1. We can do nothing by our own power. Jesus can. Heb. 5:8-9 In that sense as a temporal human being in his body with its appetites and needs, as well as his human temptations, he learns and walks that path of obedience. Heb. 2:14-15; Col. 2:13-14 Gethsemane is the moment where we see Jesus join us, surpass us, and stand in front of us as our champion to conquer the fear of death. B. Jesus intends leadership from this moment. C. Jesus plans for humble leadership. Matt. 20:18-28 2. Jesus stands on top of the Old Testament witness of Messiah’s pain. Psa. 71:20-21; Is. 53:3-6 3. Jesus knows what it is like to feel the painful opposite of the divine will. Heb. 4:14-16 -Intimate, expressive prayers can be repeated. -We should plan prayer. 4. The cord that connects to God in prayer can never be broken.

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