Pastor Nathan Sundt - November 19, 2023

Sin’s Pollution and God’s Promised Purifier

Malachi 1:1:6-2:9 1. We have broken one of the most natural principles written in God’s law. Rom. 11:32; Rom. 7:7-12 The law’s demands stopped us from normalizing giving him our worst, rather than our best. 2. What do we need to do? a: Ask for God’s favor. b: Trust in God’s mediator. c: Believe that God will do it. Hab. 2:14; Is. 11:9; Rev. 8:3-4; 1Pet. 2:9; Rom. 1:20-21 God himself will offer the blemish-free offering of his son to cover our sins of blemished offerings. 3. The warning functions as divine mercy. Those who speak for God must conduct ourselves with reference and fear (Is. 66:2; Ja. 3:1). 4. God will have the last word, and it will be obvious. -Look into sin’s certain future. -Be repulsed by it early so that you are not defiled by it later. Christ the True Priest fulfills the “covenant with Levi.”

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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