Pastor Nathan Sundt - July 3, 2022

Returning What is Owed: Loyalty to Caesar and Christ

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 22:15-22 Even when we talk about the nature of government, the conversation eventually turns to the identity of Jesus. A. Entangling (v. 15) B. Proper respect for God (v. 16) C. What human government owns (v. 17) D. Hypocrisy in the heart (v. 18) CC.What human government is owed (v. 19-20) BB. Proper respect for God (v. 21) AA. Entangled (v. 22) 1. Your “testing of Jesus” will actually test you. 2. Politics makes masks more likely. 3. Jesus supports government and limits it. apodote / ἀπόδοτε = When Caesar’s coins cycle through, we’re receiving and returning them. God’s likeness and inscription are on all human beings, mandating our ultimate loyalty to him, giving every human being dignity and ethical value, and limiting the ultimate claims of the government. 4. Return to the government what is the government’s. Rom. 13:1ff.; 1Tim. 2:1-4; 1Pet. 2:12-17 5. Live as dual citizens out of loyalty to your higher king.

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