Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 20, 2022

Personal Presence for a Precious Person

Matthew 18:15-20 -Angels go in order to communicate. -The Father goes in order to make fellowship. 1. In an unresolved case of “sin against you,” go. brother: “against you”: Go: 2. Presence purchases the preciousness of this person to you. Alone The outcome: listening and gaining. Issues that affect how the process goes: a. the criminal case b. the “already public” case c. the “step 1 already done” case 3. Two principles here are crucial: A. Christians want to be priests growing in Christ-likeness. B. Christians take the time and trouble to get the truth. Why don’t we go? A. Our own interpretations are no longer king B. Granting immediate forgiveness C. Because “forbearance” D. False fear of the former status quo 4. The church is God’s earthly embassy for heavy decisions. 5. Brothers and sisters, be a listening people. 6. Jesus promises to be in the midst of the local church and its decisions.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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