Pastor Nathan Sundt - January 24, 2021

Obeying as a Man the Righteousness He Established as God

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 3:13-17 A. Jesus shows the humility he will give to those he baptizes. Jesus, with the power of the permanent-baptism, shows humility by coming to John, with the power of the preparatory – baptism. B. Many things must “be so now” in order to “fulfill righteousness.” What does is mean for Jesus to “fulfill all righteousness?” Is. 53:11; Heb. 5:8-9 1. Imitate the humility of John the Baptist. (John 3:30). 2. Imitate the humility of Jesus. C. Because of what Jesus is doing, the command to imitate is under grace, rather than law. -Imitation is not about a new rule but about a new nature. -You imitate by grace. -the Father loving you, the Son to imitate, the Spirit empowering. D. What the eternal Son never experienced, the incarnate Son learned and fulfilled—obedience. Heb. 5:1-7 3. Delight in the Trinity. The Trinity is good news: John 14:23-27; 15:26-27; 1Pet. 1:1-2 E. Jesus begins his earthly ministry by taking up a time – based office of the Davidic king, but doing so as one who is eternally divine, lacking nothing of the nature of God. “That which is assumed is healed.”

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