Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 11, 2024

O, Sweet Exchange!: Hope for A Bitter Rebellion

Romans 1:24-32 1. What would it look like if God “gave you up” to your preferred worship exchange? “common grace” = the judgment of permission = 2. When the Bible’s news of sin is darkest, its news of grace shines the brightest. Notice the “sandwiches” in the structure: exchanged (23) / “God gave them up” (24) / exchanged (25). description of sin: general (24-25) / specific (26-27) / general (28-32) 3. Homosexual practice reverses God’s good design in creation, which reveals the reversal in other sins as well. 4. We all have used our greatest thoughts and skills for evil instead of good. – “They” = all of us – “Minor sins” = all sin The truth of our state in sin (verse 32): A. We know what’s right. B. We know the punishment deserved. C. We do the actions. D. We offer our voice to approve the actions. “For all have sinned and “exchanged” the glory of God.” 5. We made a bitter exchange; God made a sweet exchange!

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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