Pastor Nathan Sundt - April 16, 2023

“No Humility, No Power. Know Humility, Know Power.”

Proverbs: Power and Humility 1. The all-knowing God is the foundation for humility (15:3). 2. Wisdom becomes power (15:6), so establish your plans and your house with humility: advisers and the Lord’s care (15:22, 25). 3. Power is not a certain amount but a certain kind of treasure: that grown by the fear of the Lord (14:26; 15:16). 4. The power to rule oneself is meant to come before the power to rule others (16:32); love makes power secure (20:28). 5. Many opinions and a haughty heart do not build power; humility creates honorable power (18:2, 12, 15). 6. Wise plans, through hard work, produce abundance and power (19:21, 24; 20:22; 21:5). 7. Equality in God’s eyes makes humility; humility makes riches and honor (22:1-2; 22:4). 8. Righteous power preserves the vulnerable from evil and destruction (22:10; 20:8, 26). 9. Even a powerful king cannot help but want men and women of pure heart and lips nearby! (22:11). 10. Do not desire the “advantages” of evil or the “I told you so” of others’ destruction (24:1-2, 17-18, 29). 11. Laziness ruins “what should have been within your power” (24:30-34). 12. Your own goodness is “soiled” if it does not block wicked plans (25:26). 13. Good stewardship is a healthy kind of power (27:23-24). 14. For humans to flourish, righteous persons must influence the land and a righteous person must rule the land (28:12, 15; 29:2). 15. The very best public honor and persuasion is based on the most behind-the-scenes faithfulness (31:23, 31). How Can I Know True Humility and True Power? Meet Jesus who taught us that the “meek shall inherit the earth” (Mt. 5:5) and showed us humility in his death and power in his resurrection (Phil. 2:5-11).

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