Pastor Nathan Sundt - May 24, 2020

Mature Love for a Confident Judgment

1 John 4:13-21 1) To grow in confidence, marvel at the process. We often partake in processes whose importance can be difficult to recognize 2) The basis of our confidence just is the gospel lived out in our lives. 3) Are you impressed with the regular, daily and weekly means of grace and proofs of salvation? 4) Regular and constant Christian life is God's given way for us to know his love. 5) Mature love prepares us for the high stakes of judgment. The very process of the Christian life matures love; the very process of maturing love pushes out fear. Fear- 1) Ultimate Respect 2) Emotion of Dread Concern a. Because He is God, you give your ultimate respect. b. Because He loves you at the cost of His own life, you have no dread concern. 6) If love will mature in you and spread from you, you must meditate on and delight in God's love for us. 7) We cannot claim this love cheaply with the mouth and act in a way that brings evil upon a brother or sister, God has given you your church, your brothers and sisters, as a daily and weekly test to help you see how things are coming along with your love of God Beloved, because he first loved us, let us love one another

From Series: "Joy in Fellowship"

As Pastor Nathan begins his first sermon series at Bat Cave Baptist, he walks us through the book of 1 John with an emphasis on love and on fellowship.

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