Pastor Nathan Sundt - August 14, 2022

Like a Thief in the Night: How Jesus Gets His People at the End

Matthew 24: 29-35 The end of time makes us urgent for truth. 1. Live in a state of urgency for the end. We must not try to find out what the angels and even the Son do not know! 2. Expect the end not on “a day” but on “any day.” 3. Expect the end not on a day you might find, but on a day that finds you. 4. Expect the end to separate suddenly. The day of the Lord will interrupt and separate people involved in the most common, intimate acts of family and economic life. 5. Develop intentional daily routines that make sense in light of the last day. We live in this world by looking to the next. 6. The time of the end can’t be manipulated. An encouragement and a warning: God will put everyone in their place. 7. Fulfill your routine responsibilities according to the Master’s wishes.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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