Pastor Nathan Sundt - December 13, 2020

Jesus Is at the Right Time: The Son of God at the Center of History

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 1:12-17 1. The exile clarifies the fact that our sin is our biggest problem. 2. The birth of Christ clarifies the fact that God fixes our problems in his perfect timing. 3. God works in the pain of exile and the boredom of quiet years. Our sin, which cannot be explained away, cannot take away God’s love. God is with his people through the pain and through the process of exile. 4. God oversees the intentions of your enemies, is with you through the process and pain, and plans your exit. The most Jewish feature of Matthew’s Gospel, the genealogy, records how from the Jewish people comes the Messiah for all the world. 5. Believe what God says and act upon it. -God waited the perfect length of time to plant the promise of Abraham in the soil of David, and reveal the weed of sin whose exile Christ would end. The Savior has come at just the right time, in the middle of history to bring us the kingdom of God.

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