Pastor Nathan Sundt - November 7, 2021

“How to Spot a Blind Guide”

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 15:10-20 Are you trying to get something out of the things of God or are you trying to get something into you by the things that God has done? 1. “Common sense” requires a miracle of common sense. 2. Spiritual discipline and obedience is an opportunity to show the inside. The symbol and physical object is never the whole point in itself but it helps express the real point because it allows the heart to operate and operate in public. 3. How can you be pure for God’s presence? 4. Whom do you offend, God or people? If we want to avoid offending God, we cannot plan according to the offense of men and women. scandalizo / σκανδαλίζω: Matt. 21:42-44; 1Pet. 2:7-8 5. What pleases you leads you; what leads you won’t last. What do you need “to leave alone” this week? What do you need “to take cues from” this week? 6. Only Christ can put purity in you. Defiled, you need the purity of new creation.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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