Pastor Nathan Sundt - April 23, 2023

“How to Get Rich Permanently”

Proverbs: Money 1. Make a Profit -Think about profit on the same scale as life-and-death. (11:28; 10:16; 11:4, 11:7) -Work Hard! (14:23, 24, 28:19). Cheap wealth makes costly poverty (22:16). -Plan for money inside life’s larger riches (15:16 -17, 16:8, 16:16, 19). -Saying yes to extra pleasures can make us saying no to useful wealth (21:17). 2. Be Patient for Growth -Avoid comparison, which easily falls into coveting (12:12; also, 11:18). -Trying to get rich quick makes us poor! (28:20, 22). -Don’t live on perceptions (13:7-8). 3. Love Your Neighbor -Relationships built on money will suffer (19:1, 4; 14:21-22) -Be careful! Commitments of money and borrowing are commitments of the future itself (22:7). -When you relate to your neighbor, you are relating to God. So, if you build a relationship with a neighbor based on money, you insult the Creator! (14:31). -If you won’t love your neighbor, maybe your money will after you are gone! (13:22–23). 4. Guard Your Heart -Use of money is shaped by the heart (15:26–27). -The love of money ruins justice (17:23; 16:11; 20:23; 22:22-23). -Wealth is what you think it to be (18:11). -Don’t interpret yourself highly because you happen to have money (28:11). 5. Give to God -Money is the means, people are the end (28:3, 6). -Don’t just “get money in” when you can “send money out” (28:8). -The heart is a thermostat for money, and money, the thermometer (30:8,9). Treasure Christ, so that you can “lay up your treasures in Heaven.” Come, experience Christ’s generosity with you; then share it with others.

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