Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 30, 2024

How Instruments Instruct Our Minds

Romans 6:12-14 1. An obedient walk makes stronger faith. It seems that Paul is showing us that part of how we will consider ourselves dead to sin is by paying close attention to the small ways in which we are “letting sin reign” or living in the dominion of righteousness. 2. Find the freedom of “just showing up.” 3. Present yourself like a happy servant coming before the Master. It’s often rooted in lofty ideals and in good intentions but it’s as if we’ve rewritten the Bible to say “Now your members are instruments of righteousness. Do great things and present great results to God!” A brief theological overlook: Extra-Ordinary Means of Grace and Ordinary Means of Grace 4. To be “under grace” is to be in God’s hands. Law administrates and then enforces and clarifies the dominion of sin 5. Grace is the perfect kind of law – a principle of perfect life. “For a person who had no works, to be justified by faith was nothing unlikely. But for a person richly adorned with good deeds, not to be made just from these, but from faith, this is the thing to cause wonder, and to set the power of faith in a strong light.” - Chrysostom

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