Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 3, 2024

Help, I Have Heart Trouble!

Sunday Mornings

Romans 2:12-16 Observations 1. The clarity of condemnation differs, but all are in terrible danger. Unity: “all have sinned.” Difference. “perish” vs. “judge.” 2. God sent the law to do a good and holy duty of clarifying our condemnation so that we would throw ourselves only on his mercy. 3. The law certainly does not show that something is wrong with God. It shows that something is wrong with me. 4. The law’s condemnation is dreadful but hopeful. If you do not give up your constant self-defense of sin, then you cannot receive his righteousness as a gift and be justified by sheer grace. A translation difficulty: “who do not have the law / by nature / do with the law requires” 5. Christ and the Spirit can make you “a law to yourself.” Concluding Thoughts A. Instead the judgment goes as deep as the secrets of our hearts. B. The name of your judge is “Savior.” C. The gospel gives you the power to explore unafraid both the good and the bad of your heart. D. The best way to get assurance? Look at Christ.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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