Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 18, 2024

Help, I am a Judgmental!

Romans 2:1-5 1. The Bible doesn’t treat all sin alike; it treats all as alike in sin. 2. As we continually posture ourselves in a position to judge others, we consistently imply our own innocence. The judges are guilty! Verse 1. We are prone to pretend our innocence. Verse 2. We are prone to remove from our minds things that we really do know. Verse 3. We are prone to pretend somehow that God will make an exception in our case, that our excuses will persuade him, or that we have an “inside track with the judge.” Verse 4. We are prone to be cynical towards God’s kindness – not seeing his mercy as an undeserved opportunity he provides, but seeing his kindness as his only character trait and or as an “OK.” Verse 5. All four of these problems are heart problems. We think this way, act this way, assume this way, because we want to. A balanced picture of biblical justice: (1) temporal, partial justice and (2) eternal, final justice. We have a couple biblical reasons not to render our personal judgment and a couple biblical reasons to reveal Christ’s judgment: 1a. This sinful world is filled with unjust judgment. 2a. The very words of Christ 2b. Help the brother or sister! 1b. You will be the best judge after you are a broken judge.

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