Pastor Nathan Sundt - August 16, 2020

Growing Pains for the Final Day

Matthew 5:10 Persecution= ill treatment and disadvantage because of the identity of the persecuted Noble examples of enduring persecution on this earth do not truly buy back the pain and bring it with us into eternity and glory. 1. Christ alone makes your persecution meaningful eternally. On this sinful earth persecuted people become persecutors very quickly! 2. What matters is truly persecuted and for true righteousness. 3. Put the Beatitudes into practice: 4. Expect the opposition of the world. The world, the flesh, and the devil—all are prepared to wage a hard battle against you, believer, because they are being starved out inside of you. 5. Righteousness readies you for persecution. “There was once a fiddler who played so beautifully that everybody danced. A deaf man who could not hear the music considered them all insane. Those who are with Jesus in suffering hear this music to which other men are deaf. They dance and do not care if they are considered insane.” – Richard Wurmbrand 6. When others harm you with words for his sake, Jesus embraces you in his blessing. 7. Messengers of God’s word encounter stiff opposition from the world, even from those who are religious. Remember, it is for righteousness’s sake, for Jesus’ sake. You will be satisfied with the rewards you get from the nail-pierced hands of the king. Press on and win the prize.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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