Pastor Nathan Sundt - July 26, 2020

Giving and Receiving in the Kingdom of Mercy

Matthew 5:7 Defining Mercy 1. The mercy we give is shaped by our rights and responsibilities. -Mercy in action is compassion. -In some cases, I put mercy into action where I had no responsibilities. -In some cases, I may have rights or I may suffer at someone’s hands, but I made show mercy in not trying to demand the justice that is owed. -God has rights in every circumstance: Psa. 51:3-4 -Our responsibilities affect whether we can give mercy or whether we must give justice. 2. God is all-merciful. When we urge mercy, we are not talking about abuse, criminal behavior, those times when we owe responsibility for ourselves or others to work toward justice. -Mercy is a divinely-given shock absorber for life’s rough road. Living Mercy “The merciful” = 3A. You should be merciful because you are limited. 3B. You should be merciful because you are guilty. Mercy and Salvation 3C. You should be merciful because you have received grace. 4. Aim toward others the mercy and compassion of Christ’s kingdom that has already come into your life. Correlation, not causation. The gospel that makes mercy for you makes you merciful towards others.

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