Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 13, 2022

Full of Grace and Truth

Matthew 17:1-8 Key details of God’s planning at work: -“After six days” -Taking Peter, James, and John. -Glory on the Mountain a. Jesus resets the situation by revealing his glory to be remembered, interpreted, and applied later by these three disciples. b. Jesus’s glory proves that he is God, the same God who appeared to Moses and spoke through Elijah. c. Jesus is reenacting Sinai, yet he is both the source of glory and the giver of the law. d. Jesus is fulfilling all prophecy and is the great and final prophet. 1. Reset your expectations according to the glory of Christ. Relationship with Jesus is about answering the door every day, having him come in to be with you. 2a. Jesus is Lord. 2b. Jesus is the last and greatest Lawgiver. 2c. Jesus is the last and greatest Prophet. 3. Faith is a system of sight. The whole point of this kind of glory is that it can be his alone. Moses and Elijah are dead. So how are they alive? Not “undead, not reincarnated, not revivified, not resurrected. Moses and Elijah and transported and visually presented by God as witnesses to Christ’s glory. The dead join us in desiring the day when Jesus returns. 4. Jesus is Lord over the death and life; Listen to him. “Listen to him”; is good news.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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