Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 19, 2022

From Creation to New Creation: How Jesus Reads the Bible

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 22:23-46 1. Jesus will win a battle of wits. -They don’t understand the power of God because God intends to make a new creation in the new heavens in the new earth. Overlook A. Angels do not marry, form families, and give birth. Angels are all directly created by God, not by God’s use of means like human marriage, love, and birth. Overlook B. We are no longer married to a human spouse in heaven. We will recall and rejoice in what God did on earth, including our marriages, yet every individual is united to Christ and no longer to a spouse. Overlook C. The dead in Christ are alive in his presence and longing for his return. -Reading and interpreting God’s word involves more than grammar and individual words, but it cannot involve less than that. “God’s people, in God’s place, under God‘s rule.” 2. The greatest command is the love command. 3. The Messiah is either everything to you or nothing. Jesus is Lord of the law, and that is good news for you and me because not only does he show us how to read the Bible the right way, he shows us that reading the Bible the right way points to God’s ultimate purposes in the gospel.

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