Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 20, 2022

Faith in the “Going to Be Resurrected” Jesus

Matthew 17:9-23 1. Timing matters because resurrection completes the meaning of life. a. Jesus interprets Old Testament prophecy. b. Jesus saves Old Testament heroes. c. Jesus is not “self-evident.” 2. You are building yourself up in a faith. What Jesus describes here is an immoral inability to recognize. 3. You can tell that your actual faith is not in Jesus but his benefits, if you seek those benefits from other sources as well. 4. Jesus has mercy on those who deserve it least. Faith is shaped by its object. 5. Faith is as big as its object and aimed alongside its object. litotes: “Do people like that candidate? Well, nobody really hates him.” Here is the paradox: These very disciples are prepared best for their later ministry of healing by failing the worst early on. 6. The power and purpose of the resurrection makes us capable of great things. Acts 4:19-20 The content of what they proclaimed (Jesus’ resurrection) gave them the boldness to proclaim it.

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