Pastor Nathan Sundt - November 20, 2022

Eyes that See Emptiness; Eyes That Envision Justice

Ruth 1:19-2:13 You are looking through a microscope; God is looking through a telescope. Ex. 15:22-26 Naomi’s human eyes are much like ours: they are often focused precisely on the place of the moment pain and nowhere else. 1. When the meaning of life is “stirred up,” point to Christ. 2. Bitterness skews the biblical story. The Framework: Parallel-but-reverse (Chaism) A1 The Almighty (Shaddai) B1 The LORD (Yahweh) B2 The LORD (Yahweh) A2 The Almighty (Shaddai) 3. Bitterness covers the God-given blessing. The eyes that boast in weakness can see past bitterness. 4. The law produces righteousness only by just people. Deut. 24:17-22 5. View every person and your community with God’s eyes. 6. Give as Christ gives; aim as Christ aims. Exodus 22:21; Lev. 19:34; Eph. 2:12-14; 1 Pet. 1:1-2, 14-23; 2 Cor. 9:6-11 How do we do this? -Remember our former alienation and slavery to sin. -Think of your giving as an extension of God’s -Both his specific provision in the gospel -and his broad provision in the goods and resources of the earth.

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