Pastor Nathan Sundt - September 17, 2023

Earthly Evil Away From A Heavenly Mindset

Colossians 3:5-11 A Focus on the true meaning of spiritual things (vv. 1-2) B Because you have died spiritually (vv. 3-4) B’ Put to death what is worldly (vv. 5-6) A’ Focus on the true meaning of worldly things (vv. 7-8) 1. Starve sin by setting your mind on Christ. 2. Pay attention to honest warnings. Passive wrath: Active wrath: Run from what God warns you about. 3. Remember old the experiences from new angles. “mortify”: 4. Put away the stench of sin. We are not only honest in the truth, we are earnest for the truth. eikon: 5. “Group identities” do not allow for brute victory. Christian morality does not make bigger blessings. Bigger blessings make Christian morality.

From Series: "Colossians"

Follow along as pastor Nathan preaches expositionally though the book of Colossians

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