Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 14, 2021

“Be of Good Cheer”: The Authority to Forgive Sins

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 9:1-8 1. All of Jesus’ movements and aims tell the true story of who he is and what he’ll do for us. If you always “wait until later” you will never have Jesus! “No matter how much one may love the world as a whole, one can live fully in it only by living responsibly in some small part of it.” -Wendell Berry 2. Speak faith with your actions. These men have not just brought a paralytic, they have brought a total, sold-out sense that Jesus is what they need most. 3. If you know what your greatest need is, take heart. Be of good cheer! -King James Version 4. Jesus creates and gives the good cheer that he asks of us. aphientai/aphiemi: Dan. 7:13-14 5. The God-man gives fitting mercy and grace before judgment. 6. The cynic rejects Jesus “in the name of God.” “No sick person is cured from sickness until all his sins have been forgiven him.” -Rabbi Chiya ben Abba: 7. When Jesus gives you signs, remember what they show. 8. You become a “thing,” a testimony God’s glory. Sin was taken off of you because it was put on him; be of good cheer!

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