Pastor Nathan Sundt - November 5, 2023

And Grace will Lead Me Home: How Grace Grows the Christian

The Letter to Philemon 1. You will never exhaust the knowledge of grace. How is it then that grace shapes a life? Philemon’s life becomes a test-case, a heuristic to show how fully and deeply the gospel works. 2. Use purposeful praise to spur on those less mature in Christ. By affirming the facts of Philemon’s true discipleship, Paul (1) spurs on his brother and (2) prepares for his own coming appeal. He makes ready Philemon’s gospel logic. A. Modify your appeal for love’s sake. B. Heap up gospel goals when giving guidance. 3. Find more treasures through further generosity. Consider the “productive potential” of the church gathered—in all her variety. 3. Proximity to God’s transforming power in others challenges those already in Christ. -Paul does not want to act against grace (v. 13), against Philemon’s will (v. 14), or against God’s hidden plan (v. 15). 4. New Creation makes far more than tolerance—new family ties. 5. Pattern decision-making after the accounting of the gospel. Paul employs legal language, submitting the pattern of the gospel as the pattern for Philemon’s desire and judgment. Paul modifies what is likely a literal financial issue into a matter of spiritual and eternal accounting. Transition from earthly currency and ask this question: How do you pay for New Creation?

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