Pastor Nathan Sundt - July 19, 2020

A Satisfying Righteousness for Hungry Sinners

Matthew 5:6 When it comes to matters of righteousness and wickedness, we hunger and thirst. Appetites grow by experiences. 1. Feed the right appetites. Just as hungering and thirsting are a good and normal part of our embodied lives that help to create and reveal good health, so also is hungering and thirsting a good and normal part of our spiritual lives as it creates and reveals good mental, emotional, and imaginative health. 2. You are part of the righteousness conversation. Jesus is calling on you. Jesus is including you. All who want the Savior Jesus can have him. The heart of Christ is on display: He knows that your appetites will also reveal your weakness. 3. Righteousness-hunger is the only appetite that can be satisfied. You needed nourishment, you needed strength; and all that sin does is fake it for you and mock you afterwards. Oh, what favor and what blessing to have that hunger for something that actually satisfies! (Is. 55:6-7) 4. Hunger for a meal that you can’t buy. Is. 55:1; Rom. 5:15-21 Let go of your pride to take hold of the last meal you will ever need.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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