Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 28, 2020

A Rich Sermon for Poor Souls (But a “Poor” Sermon for “Rich Souls”)

Matthew 5:1-11 Jesus intends to diagnose our hearts and demand righteousness. -Jesus’ authority over what we can see causes us to trust what he says about what we can’t. 1. Jesus teaches you because he loves you. Blessed: 2. When you say “blessed,” to whom are you giving credit? How could anyone actually stand in this blessing of God? 3. You cannot fulfill the conditions of God’s favor, yet he blesses! 4.So what does “poor in spirit” mean? The gospels use the language of rich and poor to describe the great reversal of the kingdom of God. 4a. Those who believe their souls to be rich from their own resources are not ready for the kingdom of Heaven. 4b. Those who believe their souls to be poor from their own resources, from the inside out, are those who are ready for the kingdom of God. 5. God has promised his people his place and his personal rule. What is the kingdom? Kingdom : So how can I be and remain poor in spirit? Lay down your spiritual arms and trust in Christ—that is, if you are poor enough for such a great offer.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

These sermons were given at our 11am service on Sunday Mornings.

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