Pastor Nathan Sundt - August 9, 2020

A Peace Factory, the Family Business

Matthew 5:9 Peace: a cheap convenience or a core commitment? shalom: 1. The word shalom refers to those things that are in their proper orientation to God and to each other—a state of peace. 2. Like a building shaken by an earthquake, peace is broken at many levels and in many places. When we look at our broken peace all the way down, sin is at the foundation. 3. We have no peace on earth until we have with peace with God. 4. God fixes our broken peace. Col. 2:13-15. By covering our sin, by canceling our debt, Jesus triumphed over the devil and stopped the mouth of the Accuser. 5. The peacemaking God apprentices his children in the family business, making peace. We can make peace because we have it: “He himself is our peace . . .” 6. The church follows our Father, and our factory makes peace. How do we make this work in real life? A. Expect timely transformation. B. The gospel is your goal. C. Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God. Hostile parties must step down into peace, so the only peacemakers who work are those who live in humility.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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