Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 6, 2022

A Kingdom Small Enough for “Little Ones”

A Kingdom Small Enough for “Little Ones” Matthew 8:1-6 1. We often think upside-down about what is “great.” How can I fix my perspective on greatness? Notice the irony in your mistakes (the disciples do!). The kingdom of heaven comes into the world and resets what is normal and true within it. 2. The kingdom of heaven resets the earth. The new reality enters the world, but the lost don’t enter the new reality. 3. To live, you must enter the kingdom that is entering the world. Children are very accustomed to being on someone else’s schedule, residing in someone else’s plans, waiting to see what it is that parents or other authorities will reveal as the next step or the next movement. 4. God’s children get in God’s plans and lean on God’s word and character. Resistance turns into trust, trust turns into experience, and experience turns into knowledge. 5. Being a child again is a miracle. 6. Not only should you accept humility, you should plan on it. On the path to humility, you cannot take the fake shortcut of self-hatred. The same humility required of us to receive Jesus causes us to be open to children. John 1:9-11 7. Physical little ones, children, point to spiritual little ones.

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