Pastor Nathan Sundt - April 4, 2021

A Fact about an Event Becomes a Message of Salvation

A Fact about an Event Becomes a Message of Salvation

Matthew 28 1. Resurrection life has no fear. The Christmas angel message and the Easter angel message . . . When a fully new reality like the resurrection dawns, old cares and concerns lose their power. Mal. 4:2 Big things of the world remain important – but they lose their fear. 2. God has plans for you, body and soul, in the resurrection. 3. Once you are told, tell others, and Jesus will meet you on the way. 4. Worship Jesus. The one that we worship is also like us, as if he was a sibling because he is of the same nature as we are. Rom. 8:29-30. This going and telling will make more brothers and sisters; John 1:12-13. God’s people, carrying God’s truth, have always wrestled against the World’s lies. 5. “Event” becomes “meaning” by going and telling. The truth creates worship. The “sensible lie” creates doubt. 6. The Resurrection sends you as the next messenger.

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