Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 9, 2024

A Brief History of Everything: All the World in Adam or Christ

Romans 5:18-21 -Why would it be one man? -Why would there be one way? 1. Unity in the human race means “one way” of salvation. 2. Christ’s act of obedience is “active obedience.” Getting excited about “double imputation.” “active and passive righteousness of Christ” -Jesus’s righteous act of laying down his life secures the final meaning of every righteous act across his span of life. -You walk in before God clothed as a law-keeper. 3. All participate in the corruption of Adam; all should participate in the righteousness of Christ. “the many” Is. 53:11-12 Because, on the evidence of all the scripture, it is so wildly implausible to teach universalism, the Bible is equally, fully, and rightly emphatic about how Jesus’s salvation is for everyone. 4. The law is not, and has never been, God’s solution for sin. The law intervened, interrupted, or, even, snuck in. By tying us down, darkening our situation in our sinful deeds, the law reveals grace as the only way.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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