Pastor Nathan Sundt - October 2, 2022

Betraying Our True Colors: How We Cut Off Christ, and How We Come to Him.

Matthew 26:47-75 1. Jesus is turned over to death. by one of his very disciples by representatives of the priesthood by representatives of the Old Covenant people. 2. Jesus is sacrificed. A. Jesus is betrayed casually by those who are close. (Lev. 16:18-22) B. Jesus is given up without a fight. 3. Give up your own “back up plans.” Those who employ violence as their normal way to “get out of a tight spot” will create cycles of violence but come back to bite them. 4. The power of Jesus to call angels proves his sacrifice to fulfill scripture. Angels are not sent for him because he had to be sent for us. 5. Scripture is your guide to glory; follow it to the one who fulfills it. John 11:49-52; 18:14; Is. 53:7-8 6. In Jesus’s death we have willful guilt and warning. 7. Our own betrayal of Jesus is definite, clear and not merely the result of fear or a misunderstanding. Godly grief over sin is a good sign.

From Series: "Sunday Mornings"

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