Dr. Zack Williams - March 17, 2019

5 Characteristics of Scripture: Inerrancy

Sunday Night

The Bible is the Book of Inerrancy 1) The Bible is God's Word 2) God Cannot Err Because God Cannot Err His Word is without Error Inspiration- Breathed out by God 2 Timothy 3:16 Infallibility- What has divine authority cannot be broken John 10:35-36 Inerrancy- That which is without error/wholly true 1) Bible's Divine Origin from God 2) Human Agency 3) Written Form 4) In it's Original Form/Text 5) It's Final Authority 6) Inerrant Nature The Bible can still be Inerrant and still 1) Be used in every day speech 2) Include loose or free quotations 3) not be stymied by unusual or improper grammar Challenges for Inerrancy 1) The Bible is only Authoritative for faith and practices 2) The term is a poor term 3) There are no Inerrant Manuscripts 4) Over emphasizes the role of God neglecting the role of man writing the Words 5) Clear errors in the Bible Problems arise when we begin to think the Bible contains errors If we deny the inerrancy of Scripture 1) Serious moral problems confront us 2) if denied we begin to wonder if we can really trust God in anything He says to us 3) We essentially mane our minds a higher standard of Truth than God Himself 4) We must also say that the Bible is not only wrong in minor details but in doctrines as well

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