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Pastor Nathan Sundt - August 22, 2021

Becoming Partial to Impartiality

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James 2:1-7 Partiality cannot exist in the atmosphere of the gospel, nor can the gospel exist in the atmosphere of partiality. 1. Your faith must hold every other part of your life, not the other way around. “In Christ” 2 Timothy 1:9; Ephesians 1:4, 7; 2 Corinthians 5:17, 21; Galatians 3:26 2. The disciple believes consistently. 3. Jesus establishes the right and judges it. 4a. Do not judge with evil thoughts. 4b. Partiality runs away from the gospel. -The fact that God has chosen poor people reveals that to select out poor people for exclusion in our lives is opposite of their inclusion in the kingdom of heaven. 4c. Partiality doesn’t pay. When you draw a line for partiality, eventually you will end up on the wrong side of it. 5. Answer to the honorable name. 6. Avoiding partiality will require crucifying your desires. 1Pet. 3:17-18 Partiality flourishes on provocation, but mercy triumphs over judgment.

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