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Pastor Nathan Sundt - July 31, 2022

And you… But God: How God Crafts His People

Ephesians 2:1-10 1. You, a sinner, were dead. Gen 1:26-27 Because you’re made in God’s image you are precious, you are valuable, you are creative, you are linguistic, you are imaginative. 2. Our sin led us there; our passions keep us there. Creativity can’t save us. Vv. 1-3 = no excuses! Vv. 4-10 = no doubts! 3. God overflows in mercy. God’s action is trustworthy and permanent because it’s rooted in his own overflowing motivations, not in changing outside conditions. “The only thing you contributed to your salvation was the sin that made it necessary.” -Spurgeon 4. God delights to save you in Jesus Christ. 5. Commit yourself to Christ. Valued and precious, made in the image of God, dead and sinful, loved and redeemed, we are the workmanship of God in Christ Jesus.

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