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Pastor Nathan Sundt - February 25, 2024

Help, I Make No Fruit!

Romans 2:6-11 Verse 6: God is fair-handed and even-minded. Verse 7: God’s gift is eternal life for those who seek his gifts. (“who seek [God’s] face. . .” Ps. 24:6) Verse 8: God’s is wrath for those who seek self and obey evil. “Every person, religious or not, is worshipping something to get their worth.” -Tim Keller Most contradictions actually comes in squares. (Matt. 7:16-19) All ____________ are ____________. Some ____________ are ____________. Some ____________ are ____________. No ____________ are ____________. Verse 9: Final wrath awaits evildoers. Verse 10: Final joy awaits the doers of good. Judgment, not on the basis of but in accord with “well-doing” (Gal 6:9). Verse 11: God actions will prove fair, clear, and gracious. 1. Paul makes his point from the transformed quality of the works, not any self-righteous quantity. 2.Warning: Don’t use information about God as new insight to help you manipulate the Almighty; use information about God to help you relate to Him. 3. Delight in the works of the saved, in transformed works that are in accordance with a repentant, grace-filled life.

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